(Background for a Nobleman)

Emiliano Cano.
I was born in Madrid in 1981. I studied Fine Arts in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) and Cinema in the Städelschule of Frankfurt am Main, where I discovered the work of filmmakers like Peter Kubelka, Jonas Mekas or Stan Brakhage. I like the mixing of genres and the experimentation, playing to pretend something is not what it looks like, travelling, dreaming, singing dressed as a penguin, the Caesar salad, the month of september. Destiny took me twice to live in Germany and twice again brought me back with a lot of memories but without managing to speak properly the german language.

I have shown my pieces in numerous film festivals and art exhibitions around Spain and abroad, and have received a few awards for them. At present I live and work in Madrid as film director and lyrical singer.

2010 - Fondo para un caballero
2009 - En garde! Berdugo Pajares x Pajares
2008 - Cuando no estabais mirando
2007 - Ficción
2006 - Descomposición
2005 - Berlin bei nacht
2004 - Metro Ida y Vuelta Der Stierkampf
2003 - Excuse me, sir, do you have fire? Atentado
2002 - Pequeño imbécil
2001 - Amor a rayas / Cejas que suben